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The Vegan Menopause Podcast -- Ep. 13 -- Mood and Emotions

Updated: Apr 5

Your body and mind interpret emotions from our physiology, like heart rate, or breathing rate, and perceptions, like safety or danger, sights, sounds, and beliefs.  

In midlife, women may notice changes in mood: mood swings, more sadness, irritability, or anger. 

And these feelings can become bigger and more overwhelming.  So something that might have been a slight annoyance before might now make you absolutely furious!  Or sadness can turn into full on depression.

Emotional health means being able to regulate those emotions in ways that are helpful, like going for a walk if you need to boost a bad mood or taking time to yourself if you are upset.

In this episode, you will learn:

-Some of the neurotransmitters that affect mood and how they are impacted in midlife

-Which foods can help and which to avoid

-Lifestyle strategies that help with mood

-A mindset tip called reframing to help shift your beliefs.

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