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Let's redefine menopause!  Deepen your connection with your body, feel more alive, and honor this beautiful transition.

Yes, menopause can be uncomfortable.  You might feel confused about what is happening.  You might no longer recognize yourself – it seems like your body is out of control.  What worked for you in the past is no longer working.  You might have a feeling of loss, grief, or anxiety around getting older.  As a vegan, you are not feeling supported by traditional menopause advice.  I can help you find strategies that will work for your specific circumstances to improve how you are feeling, mentally and physically, through this transition and beyond.


Menopause was rarely spoken about until a few years ago, unless it was a joke about hot flashes.  If you see menopausal women portrayed in advertisements or the media, you will see grimacing faces and tired women in pain, fanning themselves.  Let’s change that!  Your menopause can be a deeply nourishing transformation, a time of coming home to your body, and there is a lot we can do to reduce your symptoms and improve your experience.


In our 30-minute Menopause Empowerment Call, you will get clear on your next steps, feel more confident, and have the caring support of a menopause expert, who is vegan like you.

Book a complimentary Menopause Empowerment Call!

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Hi, I'm Anna!

I am a menopause coach and a meditation instructor.  I help women have a better experience of menopause and feel even more alive and connected to their bodies than they did in their 20s and 30s!


Perimenopause hit me hard in my early 40s.  I was working full time in a law firm while doing food photography at night and on weekends.  I completely burned myself out and suddenly found that I was dealing with menstrual irregularity, fatigue, anxiety, and changes to my skin, to name a few. 


I have always been health conscious, and I was aware of the benefits of meditation but never actually experienced the benefits of a regular practice until I was in perimenopause.  I also started embodiment techniques that helped release the stress from my body through movement.  


These practices changed my entire outlook on life and made me not only more resilient to stress but also helped me feel more in control of my body and better able to go through menopause.  I also finally found the confidence to come out of my shell and to make some changes in my life and career, by following my passion. 

I received my meditation instructor certification through Radiance Sutras School of Meditation.  I also became a Menopause Coaching Specialist through GGS Academy.  I am certified in the Non-Linear Movement Method through Michaela Boehm.  I hold certifications as a Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator (VLCE) and Culinary Nutrition Expert.  In addition, I am currently becoming certified as a Menopause Doula through Doula Canada.

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In addition to helping you with stress reduction, I will show you how to chart symptoms and shift other areas in your lifestyle to make this transition the best time of your life!


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I can help you to:

  • View menopause as an opportunity so that you can achieve goals that you may have been putting off while you were busy taking care of everyone else.  Maybe now is the time to finally pursue that career change so you are passionate about your work.  Maybe you want to take a solo vacation of your dreams.  Or maybe you want to get in the best shape of your life.

  • Feel more alive and connected to your body so that you can feel even more pleasure than you did in your 20s and 30s, and stay vibrant and radiant into your senior years.

  • Have a greater appreciation for your body so that you understand what is going on and how to deal with it, and can handle the changes as they come.

  • Become more calm and relaxed so that you can enjoy life more, and you have a positive experience of menopause.

  • Become better able to tolerate stress so that you can handle all of life’s challenges as they arise.

  • Have a positive impact on menopausal symptoms so that you are less affected by them and maintain your youthful energy.

  • Feel more resilient and confident so that you are unstoppable in this next phase of your life!


My meditation coaching with Anna was a wonderful experience. I felt guided to the present moment with my inner-self, through her voice, which is amazing! I do not get enough time for myself, and just doing this meditation gave me the desire to find this precious time to take care of myself, release my thoughts for a moment and just be. I highly recommend Anna for her softness, her guidance, her experience, you will not be disappointed!

Valerie G.

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