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Menopause Wellness Check

If you're having difficulty with menopausal symptoms, this is a quick way to get some personal advice! Get your own next steps to lose weight, decrease the intensity of hot flashes, reduce stress, or improve the symptoms you need the most help with. When you sign up for a Menopause Wellness Check, you will receive a personalized 5-minute video with suggestions for you to get started with.

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1:1 Coaching Packages

Menopause Transformation Month

Set a foundation to get you feeling better about menopause. Whether your goal is to lose weight, decrease symptoms, or change your mindset around aging, this package will get you started.

Get started with practices to balance your hormones and set up lifestyle habits to help you have an blissful transition to menopause. These coaching sessions will get you started with nutrition, stress reduction, body awareness, and mindset practices. Together, we can find ways to make these practices fit into your life and work for you.

Includes four 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions by Zoom.

Menopause Transformation Journey

Whether your goal is to lose weight, decrease menopausal symptoms, or feel better about aging, this package will change the course of your menopause!

In this 12-week journey, we will work together using nutrition and stress reduction to balance your hormones. Change your mindset around aging and start a body awareness practice that will help you feel amazing about this new phase of life! Over three months, you will create new habits that add up to huge results over time.

Includes twelve 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions by Zoom.

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