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The Vegan Menopause Podcast -- Ep. 4 -- Bone Health

Updated: Apr 5

In this episode, I discuss how menopause affects our bone health, risk factors, and what we can do to help our bones.

Some key things include:

-Getting a bone density test

-Eating enough calories, from a variety of sources

-Eating enough protein - about ⅓ of our bone mass is protein. This should preferably be plant protein because animal protein and acidic foods can leech calcium, as can junk food, simple sugars, or caffeine - keep those low.

-Eating lots of unprocessed plant foods can decrease your risk. Eat lots of colorful fruits and veggies, which protect against oxidative stress and leeching calcium.

-Calcium is absolutely essential there is lots of calcium in leafy greens - especially parsley and kale. Tofu is sometimes set in calcium which is very absorbable, so that is another great source. Chickpeas and almonds are high in calcium as well. Calcium is not the only mineral that’s important, our bones also are made up of other minerals like phosphorus, potassium, magnesium to name a few. Getting a high variety of foods is ideal.

-Vitamin D

-Exercise - weight bearing activity helps us build more bone cells

-Balance training, like tai chi, because our risk of falling increases as we get older.

-Get enough sleep to help with recovery and give your muscles and bones a chance to repair.

If you enjoyed this episode, and are interested in one on one coaching, please feel free to book a 30-minute Menopause Empowerment Call with me and I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave a review or share this with someone who could benefit from it. Thanks for listening!

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